The Missing Chapter: Black Chronicles  Autograph Community residency – Photographic exhibition and workshops

1-30 October during library opening hours Woolwich Library

Autograph’s pop up photography exhibition features 30 rare photographs portraying people of African, Caribbean and South Asian descent in Victorian Britain. The Missing Chapter project aims to bring together a distinct body of photographs that showcases diverse ‘black presences’ in Victorian and Edwardian Britain, offering a unique portrait of black lives and migrant experiences during the decades following the birth of photography in 1839.


A hands-on workshops for your class to explore the missing history of African, Caribbean and South Asian people in Victorian Britain.


Workshop details:

90 mins

Free (booking essential)

Dates available:

09 Oct – 10am, 11:30am & 2pm

10 Oct – 10am, 11:30am & 2pm

16 Oct – 10am, 11:30am & 2pm

17 Oct – 10am, 11:30am & 2pm

Pupils from the local community will have the opportunity to see and work with reproductions from a collection of rare photographic portraits unseen for over 125 years, whilst participating in fun interactive exercises involving photography and group discussion.  Activities have been developed in accordance with the National Curriculum across subject areas including Art & Design, Photography, History, PSHE, and English. They are formulated to enhance study skills including visual literacy, critical analysis, historical enquiry.  Workshops are led by an experienced artist educator. A free copy of Autograph’s acclaimed archive learning resources are available for teachers, providing high quality photographic material to support classroom teaching.