1000 Black Voices Roundtable and Awards

Wednesday 27th September

Empowering, celebrating, and connecting champions in the tech startup ecosystem.


We are holding a little celebration for the inclusiveness and innovation of the technology startup ecosystem. This is a celebratory get-together, being held in the cool Shoreditch space, right in the heart of London. Come celebrate with flavours of Black culture, think of it like an ‘extended family gathering’.

1000 Black Voices Roundtable and Awards is a space to celebrate accolades and more—it’s a community connected by the passion for change.

Gaining social and financial capital is hard. It is no secret that there is an eternal funding winter for Black founders who only get access to 0.24% of UK venture funding (Extend Ventures), and with this, Black founders from the UK are looking to the US for funding – yet Black founders in the US only get access to 1.1% of U.S. venture.

This is why the 1000 Black Voices Roundtable and Awards are here and now – for the opportunity to connect, have meaningful conversations on innovation and inclusion to access a greater percentage of the $445 billion invested globally and in addition, championing people and companies doing incredible work to support an inclusive startup ecosystem.

We are excited to invite you to connect and celebrate with us at 1000 Black Voices as we highlight the accolades of exceptional Black founders and ecosystem partners, helping to:

  • Provide a platform for a new generation of Black founders and future Unicorns.
  • Promote visibility and acknowledge commitment to inclusive innovation
  • Boost reputation for spearheading ethical investment practices revolutionising the startup ecosystem
  • Highlight recognition as an inclusive leader in the startup ecosystem

1000 Black Voices is the home for Black founders – we bring together exceptional Black founders and ecosystem partners, closing the investment gap and scaling best-in-class innovation. It’s all about social and financial capital.

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