My Skin My Story: Women of Colour & Boundaries

Wednesday 10 November 2021

This ‘Empower Hour’ will equip women of colour to define and articulate their boundaries to protect their energy and prevent burnout.


Poonam Dhuffer will host this empowering hour. Our community members have said they aren’t sure how to say no, establish boundaries and stick to them. They want the confidence to navigate tough situations where you need to prioritise yourself. How saying no can actually be the best thing for you and those around you so you don’t burn out. Poonam will share her journey, advice and insight.

The purpose of these Empower Hour sessions is to equip women of colour to be change-makers in their homes, at work and in their communities. Investing in ourselves to up-skill and build ourselves up to succeed, influence and challenge the status quo.

This is interactive, free and virtual. You will come away with things you can do and action, we want to empower you to be successful on your own terms!

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