Reflective Practice for Africa and diaspora RJ Practitioners

Monday 25 October - Monday 22 October 2021

This project responds to the need for RJ practitioner mentoring/reflective practice led by Black and Indigenous experts.


Key Elements of the project:

  1. Four 75-minute Reflective Practice Sessions (online) – aimed around themes explored in the book Colorizing Restorative Justice as follows: a. RJ Practice in Education settings – e.g. Chapt. 8 by Desiree Anderson. Chapt. 3 by Christina Parker.b. Calling out privilege and impunity – e.g. Structural/Institutional change – Chapt. 13 by Leon Dundas and Chapt. 10 by Gilber Salazar c. Equality and Gender Issues in RJ – e.g. Chapt. 7 by Rochelle Almengord. Personal Journeys – Practitioner Stories of Healing – Chapt. 6 by Gaye Lang and Chapt. 16 by Janice Jerome
  2. Medi Blitz in International RJ Week starting November 21st 2021 facilitated by Professor Don Jon Omale at the Federal University Wukari, Nigeria and Dr. Denis Yomi Tanfa; Director of RJI(M) in the UK in association with African Forum for Restorative Justice ( around the themes raised in Chapt. 18 by Ed Valandra and Chapt. 4 by Erica Littlewolf, Mchelle Armster and Christianne Paras
  3. Follow-up – 30 minute online 1-2-1 direct RJ mentoring contact


• # BIPOC/BAME RJ practitioners receive high quality professional development support• # CRJ Copies placed in African and African Diaspora countries• Positive Media exposure of the CRJ Book Project – resulting in book orders and widening use of the material in training and academic settings.

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