The Education of the Black Child: A Four Week Online Course

Saturday 27 November - Saturday 18 December 2021

This unique four week course for adults is aimed at both qualified and unqualified teachers, community workers and parents, who wish to explore alternative ways to educate Black/African children.


This course has been designed by the award-winning educationalist and writer, David Simon who is the author of the best-selling Genius series that includes the books, How to Unlock Your Child’s Genius and How to Unlock Your Genius Using Black History.

Based on Simon’s thirty-four years of working as an independent educationalist in the UK, the Caribbean and Africa, this course will equip adults with the fundamentals of addressing the crisis that currently exists all over the world in the education of children of African descent.

On completion of all four weeks, attendees will receive a course completion certificate from Simon Education.

Module 1:

How to be an Effective Teacher

  • Exploring education
  • Exploring pedagogy
  • Exploring the function and power of the curriculum
  • Exploring lesson planning
  • Exploring learning difficulties
  • Exploring learning styles
  • Exploring programmes of study
  • Exploring bilingualism

Module 2:

How to Become a Pan-African Teacher

  • Exploring neuroscience
  • Exploring educational research
  • Exploring education and the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Exploring the decolonising of the curriculum
  • Exploring bilingualism and creole in education
  • Exploring indigenous African knowledge systems

Module 3:

How to Unlock Your Child’s Genius

  • Exploring diet and learning
  • Exploring how a child learns to read and understand mathematics
  • Exploring educational resources in the home
  • Exploring leadership and mind games
  • Exploring rites of passage
  • Exploring emotional literacy
  • Exploring cultural literacy and Black history
  • Exploring eLearning and family learning
  • Exploring global citizenship

Module 4 (part 1):

How to Homeschool Your Child and Home Educate Your Family

  • Exploring homeschooling
  • Exploring Homeschool models
  • Exploring homeschool networks
  • Exploring family learning
  • Exploring pan-African family enrichment activities

The Pan-African Learning Ecology (part 2)

  • Exploring the business models suited to global Pan-African education
  • Exploring the financial infrastructure to support a pan-African education
  • Exploring the practical implementation of Pan-African Education

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