The Intersection of Blackness and Mental Health

Thursday 16 November

Join a progressive panel as we explore the unique challenges and complex landscape of mental well-being in Black communities.


Evenbrite’s Black&Brite is hosting an event to celebrate Black History Month (even in November)! Like years past, our intention remains to have a thoughtful Black Excellence celebration that extends throughout our community in the United Kingdom.

In partnership with the Belovd Agency, join a progressive panel as they explore the unique challenges and complexities of mental well-being in Black communities.

Let’s discuss preventing burnout, understanding the Black tax, advancing younger and earning more than your family, exploring potential ceilings for Black individuals, and navigating diverse cultural customs in the workplace versus at home.

Learn more about our speakers:

Kelechi Okafor (Panelist)

Kelechi Okafor is a Baby Girl and lover of words – whether that’s crafting them into works of fiction or articles; performing them on stage or television; directing how they’re conveyed on stage; or expressing herself and her thoughts on the one and only Say Your Mind Podcast.

She’s been recognised as GUAP Cultural Hero of the Year, MBCC Awards Social Activist of the Year, being an invited full voting member of BAFTA, and many other accolades. But the awards are incomparable to the impact – seen across social media, international speaking opportunities, the sold out live shows, and the dedicated community built around the podcast and her work.

Romantha Botha (Panelist)

Romantha Botha has a well-rounded career in news and storytelling – ranging from community and regional print media, online media, radio and TV. She has worked as a field reporter for a national current affairs show, reporting on a range of topics from politics to human interest stories. She also has experience as a content producer for a national investigative journalism show. In 2022 she left news reporting and became a documentary filmmaker – and have since created an 8 part docuseries for a national Streaming service called Showmax.

She has another documentary in the making around language and how it impacts black people of South Africa and their sense of identity and community. She has a passion for the upliftment and empowering of black women and was involved in the formation of Dope Black Women South Africa – a digital community space that empowers, supports and uplifts black women. She is currently the MD for Belovd Agency.

Vanessa Sam: (Panelist)

Vanessa Sam, also known as “Inspiring Vanessa”, as she has shown her passion for helping and motivating others. She is an incredible 17 year old young lady. She is a presenter, a talk show host ( The Inspiring Vanessa Show), an actress ( Step Back 2021 – Its not that deep 2022) and a speaker ( speaks on self believe and mental health ). She was awarded The Diana Award 2021.

She has interviewed some incredible people including David Walliams, Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh, Regina King, director of Loki – Kate Herron and others.

She has been called a role model by many individuals and was in the Top 20 Female Speakers of 2021 by Great British Speakers. Vanessa was described as “perfect to engage with a younger pre-teen audience.” In 2020 Vanessa has launched her own talk show – The Inspiring Vanessa Show – which has been aired on Sky TV, Amazon Prime and Rep Dat TV, it is also available across all podcast platforms and YouTube.

Marvyn Harrison (Panelist)

Marvyn Harrison is a business and community leader with a focus on driving culture change and delivering tangible results across business, projects, and campaigns globally.

His leadership experience as the founder and driving force behind Dope Black CIC, an educational and community led platform designed to improve the outcomes of Black people, has seen him become a positive voice on behalf of Black people across the UK, US, and African continent.

Marvyn has become an award winning podcaster with numerous awards from the Screen Nation Award for Favourite Podcast as well s a Webby for Best Podcast: Family and Children 2021. He has since developed his skill as a broadcaster by featuring regularly as a contributor on BBC 5Live and was named by Forbes as “One of 25 Black voices to follow”. UK Black Business Show honoured him as HSBC’s Top 25 Black Entrepreneurs 2021 and he has been named as a BBC 1xtra Future Figure 2021 and UK Black Business Awards Influencer of the year award 2021 in association with Facebook. He is also the author of two childrens books called “I Love Me” and “The Best Me”.

Sabeha Mohamed (Moderator)

Sabeha is a proven marketing leader with extensive international experience defining digital and commercial marketing strategies. She have held various commercial marketing roles at Eventbrite, LinkedIn, GPRA, RACGP and moco media.

She is particularly passionate about the customer journey, pipeline optimisation, change enablement (sales & marketing) and delivering a flawless brand experience. She prides herself on finding the right balance between building long-term sustainable customer growth with meeting short term revenue metrics.

Her philosophy – whether it’s B2B, B2C or Membership Marketing, at the end of the day it’s all P2P (people to people) marketing. A positive customer journey, true understanding of segment pain points and empathy is what ultimately drives demand.

Don’t miss this chance to be a part of an unforgettable experience!