Caribbean Community Service and Sacrifice

This film explores the service and sacrifice of the Caribbean community as told through the service of retired Fighter Pilot, Trevor Edwards.

“I was born in Woolwich, east London, to West Indian parents who had migrated to Britain in the early 1960s. I grew up in a pretty tough housing estate, but I attended the Grammar School in Dartford and worked hard. In 1985, I joined the RAF as an officer in the RAF Regiment, but I later transferred to aircrew, starting my flying training in 1987. I received my ‘wings’ at RAF Valley the following year and, after coming top of the Tactical Weapons course, I became a fighter pilot flying Jaguars. I eventually joined 54 Squadron at RAF Coltishall.


The first time I flew the Jaguar with 1000lb bombs and the guns fully armed with high explosive bullets, I could not believe that a lad from east London was authorised to bomb and strafe a deserted island in a multi-million pound single-seat fighter aircraft.

My tour on Jaguars was eventful as the Squadron was deployed several times to Turkey flying missions over the ‘no-fly zone’ in North Iraq. We also operated from Southern Italy, supporting NATO forces during the Bosnian conflict.

After my time on 54 Squadron, I became a flying instructor on the Tucano aircraft at RAF Linton-on-Ouse. I left the RAF as a Flight Lieutenant in 1997 to join British Airways and I am currently an Airbus Captain.

I consider myself to have been a very ordinary London kid who was trained by the RAF to do very extraordinary things.”