BE THE CHANGE – POLICE NOW – National Graduate Leadership Programme

Police graduate scheme: Be the change you want to see

“We need people like you to represent the people we are policing" Latia Suen, Neighbourhood Police Officer

Society needs talented neighbourhood police officers as diverse as the communities they service.


If you want to be a leader who improves the lives of those around you, apply for Police Now’s National Graduate Leadership Programme today and develop skills for life

Do you think differently? Can you work with others to create new solutions to long term societal problems? Can you bring communities together? Do you want a meaningful career that improves the lives of those around you?

Neighbourhood policing makes a positive impact in the lives of vulnerable people and communities across England and Wales.

Positive, relatable and diverse, neighbourhood police officers raise the quality of life for those most affected by crime and increase the public’s confidence in policing.

Neighbourhood officers are the face of their communities. Committed to change, you make decisions that have real, lasting impact in communities and in the police service.

Become a leader

Police Now’s National Graduate Leadership Programme is a salaried, two-year programme to train graduates to become leaders in neighbourhood policing. This is a unique opportunity to make a real and immediate impact while developing transferable leadership skills for life. Placed in communities challenged by crime, you’ll develop innovative ideas to tackle the most complex issues facing the most vulnerable in society.
Latia Suen | Neighbourhood police officer

Neighbourhood policing is a career to be proud of

Neighbourhood police officers are the face of our communities. Diligent, hardworking and committed to change, you make decisions that have a real and lasting positive impact. As a reliable presence in the neighbourhood you serve, you’ll investigate and understand the complex issues facing the most vulnerable in society and work within the community to develop innovative ideas and techniques to tackle the challenges they face.

Demanding but rewarding, we’re proud that 80% of our participants remain in policing after our programme, but whatever you decide, the skills and experience you develop with us are yours for life. Your future in the public or private sector starts with Police Now.


With the support of the Police Now training and support team:

  • You’ll be there – developing negotiation skills, problem solving
  • You’ll be visible – becoming a community leader
  • You’ll be reliable – making difficult decisions, brokering resolution
  • You’ll be proud – a leading, resilient neighbourhood police office

You’ll be there
Visible, reliable, proud

Make a positive impact on society by improving the lives of the most vulnerable and develop leadership skills for life.