Our Shared Heritage Talk with S. I. Martin

Historian S.I Martin highlights the historical lives and contributions made by black people in Paddington in the 20th Century.

S.I. Martin works with museums, archives and the education sector to bring diverse histories to wider audiences.


He has published six books of historical fiction and non-fiction for adult and teenage readers. He is a firm believer in the power of archives as an agent of positive change for literacy, social cohesion and audience/visitor development.

The evening is a part of Grand Junction’s Our Shared Heritage talks programme, which explores the late Victorian period, when St Mary Magdalene’s Church was built, from different and diverse perspectives.

Our Shared Heritage celebrates the part that Black, Arab, and Asian people and cultures have played in London’s history. See the other speakers that are taking part in the programme here.

Date and time: Tue, 4 Apr 2023, 19:30 BST

Tickets: £5 – £8

Location: Grand Junction at St Mary Magdalene’s St Mary Magdalene Church Rowington Close London W2 5TF