JTL proud to provide one of the country’s only gold-standard green apprenticeships

JTL is pleased to announce that the Installation Electrician and Maintenance Electrician apprenticeship that it provides has been handpicked by the Department for Education (DfE) as one of six ‘gold-standard’ green apprenticeships to mark the King’s coronation.

The apprenticeship course now receives a new coronation emblem to permanently mark it as a leading course. The course, which is delivered by training providers nationally, was selected by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education’s expert green skills panel, who considered over 200 green apprenticeships before deciding upon the final six.


Each newly awarded apprenticeship course was chosen to mark the coronation as they reflect the King’s commitment to integrating renewable energy sources and ensuring that natural assets endure for future generations.

This aligns with JTL’s own green commitments that have led to its continued promotion of the Installation and Maintenance Electrician apprenticeship as a leading asset in the country’s net-zero targets, and the ongoing modernisation of its energy systems.

Chris Claydon, CEO of JTL Training, said: “This acknowledgment from the Department for Education of the value of the Installation and Maintenance Electrician to the low carbon economy is really encouraging. At JTL, we are committed to delivering the skills that are so important to our economy and to meeting the country’s net zero ambitions. We believe that training our new generations in green skills is an integral part of that future.

“The new coronation insignia that has been attached to this apprenticeship is an important symbol of the continuing relevance of the courses we work hard to deliver at JTL. It is wonderful to see apprenticeships receive the national attention that they deserve during this historic occasion of the King’s coronation.”

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