Windrush Film Screening and Textile Workshop with Jaixia Blue

Saturday 22 June

Join Jaixia Blue for the screening of her documentary ‘Windrush Women: My Mother & Me’


This event and screening is available for all people aged 12+

Multidisciplinary artist Jaixia Blue interviews four women from her hometown of West London about their mothers and the Windrush period. A narrative centred around matriarchal wisdom; explored through self styling, colourful hobbies, life lessons, and first encounters of London, from the pioneering women of windrush.

Laugh, cry and feel inspired by the unique accounts of inner strength and resilience from four women who altered their life trajectory, in order to pave the way for their children.

‘Her ceiling was our floor, she created a platform for us’ (expert from Judy Wellington, speaking on her mother.)

After the screening will be a textile collage workshop.

This workshop provides participants with a safe space to reflect on their inherited wisdom, to create a personal embroidered motto or affirmation. The fibre medium serves as a metaphor for the ancestral threads that mould us.The act of embroidery is a therapeutic, shared activity. This practice is reminiscent of Dorcas Clubs and Societies, embedded into Caribbean communities since the 19th century and intended to bring women together through textiles as a network for social and economic change.

Participants are encouraged to embrace any mistakes that may occur and steer away from perfection. The event is intended as a haven away from the added pressures of everyday life that women and those of the global majority are often subject to.

Jaixia Blue is a storyteller across multiple mediums, ranging from textile art to music and poetry. Born in West London, she completed her BA (Hons) in Textiles and Business Studies at the University of Brighton. Here she formed the basis of her debut collection Jigsaw Heritage which explores the artist’s dual British and Caribbean heritage, as well as the unique life experience of her grandmother and her journey from Jamaica to London, UK toward the end of the Windrush period.