Black History Month | How Africa was Lost From Respectful History

Thursday 8 February

Join this Black History Month online event exploring the nuanced narrative of black history. Paul Crooks, a renowned historian, delves into the complex journey of how African history was lost in the rewriting of global narratives, shedding light on a topic of immense relevance to African American and African Caribbean communities.


In this engaging talk, Paul Crooks reveals his extraordinary discovery: a long-forgotten map showcasing the regal African kingdoms of medieval times, unearthed during his research into Black family history. This map is not just a relic but a key to understanding how African history was erased from respectful discourse. Paul will utilize this remarkable find, along with other historical documents, to explore the reasons behind the loss of Black history from mainstream narratives and the crucial need for a comprehensive Black history curriculum.

This talk navigates through a series of pivotal themes:

  • Paul will unravel how colonialism not only distorted African history but also led to its significant suppression, offering a fresh perspective on the stories that have been overshadowed by colonial narratives.
  • Attendees will witness historical documents that challenge and redefine the existing colonial accounts.
  • Emphasizes will be on the transformative power of education in reshaping the narrative around African history.

Who Is This Talk For?

This event is an essential platform for anyone interested in black history, offering insights into the obscured yet significant contributions of African peoples to global history. It’s an opportunity to foster a renewed sense of identity and belonging, particularly for individuals of African, Caribbean, and African American descent.

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