Lady Lane Kitchen X The Canvas: Sophia’s Aseel’s Kitchen

Saturday 27 November - Friday 17 December 2021

Bringing passion, quality and the great tasting nourishment of Middle Eastern food to East London.


Aseel’s Kitchen was started 5 years ago by Sophia, a mother of four lovely children. Providing for her family and friends great quality and scrumptious food has always been a point of great joy and pride.

Sophia specialises in providing great flavoursome dishes from the southern Mediterranean, Levant and Arabian Peninsula kitchens.

Choose 2 dishes from Sophia’s dinner menu, and accompany these delicious Middle Eastern bites with drinks served by The Canvas – a social enterprise that unites people with space and support, providing a platform for entrepreneurs such as the Lady Lane ladies.

Sophia’s menu

Subject to change and availability. Enjoy Sophia’s starter and one main from the menu below.