Independent Researcher Promises To Deliver Real Early Windrush History, Not Stories

Ahead of the plethora of Windrush events on or after Windrush Day, independent history researcher Kwaku will be at Lambeth Town Hall, in Brixton, the heart of African Caribbean London, to deliver a Windrush presentation steeped in evidenced history, rather than myths, anecdotes and stories.

Independent Researcher Promises To Deliver Real Early Windrush History, Not Stories

An independent history researcher and historical musicologist, who is mononymously known as Kwaku, promises to reveal new and little-known histories of what happened to the Empire Windrush passengers housed in the Clapham South Deep Shelter in June 1948.

The event, entitled Another Lambeth Windrush History? June 23 1948, takes place at Lambeth Town Hall on Friday June 16, 5-7pm.

“This event is for those interested in the real early Windrush history, and not the stories that’s taken hold, particularly since the 40th anniversary in 1988,” says Kwaku.

Although the presentation focuses on what happened to the Windrush passengers in Lambeth on June 23 1948, it will also provide a broad picture about how the South Clapham Deep Shelter, which is actually located in the neighbouring borough of Wandsworth, was found and what other parts of London the passengers visited.

“Not only is Wandsworth part of that very early Windrush narrative, so too is Holborn and Peckham, which are in the London boroughs of Camden and Southwark respectively.”

For more information or to book the event, which is hosted by Cllr Sonia Winifred:

Kwaku, who has an upcoming book based on the early Windrush narratives, has also created a Zoom meeting and 1-2-1 consultation strand called Disrupting British African History Sessions*. It’s a monthly forum for event organisers, presenters, teachers, students, parents, heritage or community organisations, or history fans interested in finding out more or fact-checking specific British African history. Three of the five sessions focus on the early Windrush history of 1945-1950. For more details or to book: