Light Up Our Lives – A Community Celebration Of Black African Heritage

Come and join verd de gris arts and local charity Light Up BAHC for a special intergenerational celebration at the Viaduct Theatre, Halifax

“If you do not know where you are from you cannot tell where you are going.”

The ‘Light Up Our Lives’ project is a unique and innovative intergenerational project with the aim of inspiring and empowering members of our Black African community here in Calderdale. We have been working with members of Light Up Black African Heritage & Culture; learning the importance of cultural heritage in Black African nations. We now want to share that learning with you … to share with the wider community the beauty, reverence and joy of African traditions, identity and cultural expression.

Join us as we share the art of traditional storytelling, dance, drumming and song, to learn more about Black African heritage and culture. We are bringing local children together with community members, and we want you to come and share with us in this exciting and uplifting production event.

Date and time: Tue, 21 March 2023, 13:00 – 14:30 GMT

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