Scratchylus and Empress Reggae to perform One Love Festival 2018

The educataining father-daughter dub duo Scratchylus and his daughter, Empress Reggae will be performing the One Love Festival 2018

The legendary Scratchylus is back from stent living in his native Jamaica where he has honed his music skills among the elders

Accompanying him will be his daughter Empress Reggae, or just Reggae,

He said: “I’ve been in Jamaica for the past four years with my daughter Reggae. I’ve been making music for ages but going over to Jamaica was a real eye-opener – they’re really harsh there because everybody is making music.

“I was jamming with Bob Marley’s band which was great and they taught me that it’s good to have a live band as opposed to just through a computer like I was used to in London.

The DJ actually wanted to be a lawyer when he was younger to stop injustice in the world but when he realised lawyers are restricted by the nuances of the law he turned to reggae.

The two professions may not sound similar but Scratchylus is fighting for justice in all his songs. “There has to be a conscience,” he said. “Whether it’s about looking after the environment or each other, I hope people hear my songs and feel they can change the world, everyone has a chance.”

Daughter Reggae takes on his need to educate people and wants to be a teacher when she grows up – as well as a musician.

She said: “I love performing, I don’t get nervous because I’ve been doing it since I was four or five and I’ve been performing in Jamaica in front of big crowds since I was seven.”

The big question is, how did Scratchylus get his name? “I loved music because my mum was always playing Bob Marley, John Holt, Ken Boothe. Every Friday after school my friends and I used to get together and play music and one day I came in and put the record on the record player and it made a horrible scratching noise – since then I’ve been Scratchylus!

One Love Festival
Aug 31st – 2nd Sept 2018
Gilcombe Farm, Bruton (Nr Glastonbury), Somerset BA10 0QE