My Cultural Experience Launches Ultimate Black Culture Board Game Ahead of Black History Month

My Cultural Experience has been created by black entrepreneurs Justina and Max Lambert, a husband-and-wife duo who run a portfolio of successful businesses in Kent where they live.

My Cultural Experience has grown out of Max and Justina’s lives and experiences. They’ve had a varied journey full of challenges. Both have overcome difficult upbringings and a life of petty crime in their teens to get where they are today.

As they’ve become increasingly successful, they’ve begun to reflect on their past life experiences and how they could use their knowledge to help others. They are passionate about driving societal change, showcasing black British excellence and making a meaningful difference. They are determined to spread the word about the fundamental importance of inclusion, respect for others’ values and responsibility for our own actions.

Their training package, launching ahead of Black History Month UK in October, is a totally immersive, authentic and interactive EDI programme. It is designed to put an end to stale and uninspiring courses, with sensory engagement being at the heart of a My Cultural Experience package.

A key element of this engaging programme is a brilliant new board game Excellence: The Black Edition. The game is designed to inspire, teach and create awareness of black culture across all communities. It’s all about bringing people together – communicating, team building and family bonding.

Although it’s a part of the EDI training package My Cultural Experience offer, the game also works brilliantly for anyone over 11 years old. So not only is it fantastic for workplace training, it’s also perfect for households, schools and colleges. It’s now being made available as a standalone product and can be ordered on the My Cultural Experience website at only £40.00 + VAT.

Excellence: The Black Edition provides a safe, fun and educational space where race and identity can be explored, to the benefit of all involved.