Singer Bianca Rose & Manager Lorretta Andrews realized that more and more independent musicians create their music themselves, however, there was more to creating to get on in the business, so they created I am Independent.


They believed there’s no better time to be an independent music artist than right now.

It’s easier than ever to create and share music, and less and less are we being looked upon as inferior to an artist with a recording contract, and so it should be.

Here at I Am Independent it’s not that we are against record deals or artists partnering with labels to further their careers.

On the contrary! We love it when an artist enters into a deal that has a long-lasting positive effect on their career and trajectory.

We do however realise that for over 90% of the music artist community, this will not be the route their careers will take. Most artists will create and release their music independently.

For so long this has resulted in artists feeling less than, and their music and contribution seeming less important and valid.

However, if music truly transcends politics, socio-economic borders and other such things that can divide us, how can its significance be determined by a mere contract?

The truth is there are many examples of successful independent careers. More and more artists are building a team around them and are moving forward boldly and successfully.

The I am Independent Bootcamp

There are more independent than signed artists in this industry but sadly it seems like we get the least support.

After the success of their in-person workshops which they launched in 2019, they decided to make this content available to a wider audience and at their own convenience.

The course is broken down into four main sections:

Section 1. Where are you and where do you want to get to

Section 2. Music Admin

Section 3. Getting your music out there

Section 4. Marketing, PR, and social media

We hope that by the end of this course you will feel inspired and equipped for your independent artist journey.