To remember the greatness of our culture is our right as a people.

To instil the foundation of wisdom, achievement, creativity, production, agriculture, science, medicine, rulers of dynasties and the wonders of a natural affluence should be celebrated in abundance.

Nichola Dame Hartwell Founder: Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful Ltd

In addition to remembering those ancestors that paved and solidified our path for many generations to come is a demonstration of respect and appreciation. Others have demonstrated their enthusiasm for the failure and demise of BHM because forgetting a rich cultural heritage would be to their economic advantage.

Black History Month is essential to the growth of our communities who are still down trodden and economically victimised and tarnished for their hue.  Therefore, the month needs to gain momentum and grow with each passing year to allow the life and bloodline of Black nations to breath without containment.

The hidden truths about our Black histories are hard to find since they are hidden so deep and fragmented that parts of our culture are still being discovered and highlighted for families who are hungry to learn more about themselves. There is always a new and unexpected lesson to bridge the gap within a never ending puzzle of the Black Historic journey.

A necessary month is needed for a people who have been ridiculed for centuries by others for not being relevant to the evolving of the modernisation of mankind. Black History Month is necessary to evoke strength for the Black communities who move through a society that still silences their Black voices and progressions without apology or regret. Multi-culturalism has not yet been properly implemented as a proactive tool into British society and until that year takes place where a difference in racial equality can be seen and proven as a way of life, then a Black History Month is imperative to the survival of all Black communities

Having worked within Black communities for nearly two decades; there is a significant energy that still looms after Black History Month.  Placing a positive narrative to the existence of Blacks for the new generation who desperately need to feel worthy of their personal goals and attainments as Black and Beautiful people.

Nichola Dame Hartwell
Founder: Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful Ltd