Alexander, a Warwick University undergraduate studying Politics and International Studies, collapsed in March 2016 and was subsequently diagnosed with a brain tumour.

He was a prolific poetry writer in his teens and eventually pursued his passion to become a spoken word poet. He wrote about many subjects such as, stop and search, street life, student life, family, faith and mental health.

Alexander was a very athletic and sporty person and in his younger days was passionate about football.  He played at county level and was scouted for a London team until he decided football was not a career he wanted to pursue.  He was also a great fan of Michael Jackson and had perfected his moonwalk dance, showing it off whenever an occasion arose.  He loved people and was a confident show person.

Alexander met Theresa May’s former advisor, Nick Timothy in 2014 who later invited him to Parliament where he met Theresa May who at the time was Home Secretary.  He shared his views about the injustices he experienced under abusive stop and search powers and was later invited to speak at the Conservative Party Conference that year even though he was not a party member.  He gained some media interest because of this exposure including after he passed away in June 2017 and also when the book was launched in June 2018.

Alexander was 21 when he collapsed and was subsequently diagnosed with a glioblastoma, the same as Dame Tessa Jowell. Theresa May as Prime Minister, paid a moving tribute to Alexander in her conference speech in 2017 and an Obituary appeared in The Mail newspaper as well as coverage on BBC London News and local newspapers.

To fulfil Alexander’s desire to publish his poems and set up an organisation to help young people to freely express their pent up emotions, his mother, Joanna Brown collated his work and published the book “Climbing Clouds Catching Comets”, writing a short biography followed by a selection of his work.  Alexander loved people and longed to see a more peaceful world.  He would greet everyone with “Love and Blessing”.

Afua Hirsch, author of “Brit(ish)” wrote a review on the back of the book “To read Climbing Clouds Catching Comets is to clamber inside the mind of a writer whose talent fizzes on the page; with love, pain, empathy and a wisdom far beyond his young years.”