Virtual Hill Day 2020

Tue, June 30, 2020 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Create your Virtual Hill Day event description here and be sure to discuss the importance of your event, coinciding awareness days, the objective, the structure/timing of your Hill Day and best practices for social media posts such as privacy settings, personalizing the message, tagging members of Congress, etc. In addition, don’t forget to offer sample tweets for your participants to customize. For example:

Only 4% of PA students are Black or African American despite a shared background w/ 13% of U.S. patients. [@MEMBER OF CONGRESS TWITTER HANDLE], help grow a health workforce that represents everyone by increasing funds for SDS & HCOP in FY2021. #VirtualHillDay2020 #PAPipeline4All #BlackHistoryMonth

Once you have completed your event description, provide your participants with instructions about how to promote the event through social media. Include a graphic image like the one below and invite participants to share the photo with their followers along with the link to your event.

You may also offer your contact information to anyone with questions about the event or for technical assistance purposes.

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