Oliver Samuels In Crazy But True

Saturday 16th October 2021

Britain… get prepared for this, an unmissable event for 2020 The Crowning of OLIVER SAMUELS Celebrating many glorious years in Theatre,  With his brand new block buster play “CRAZY BUT TRUE”   

 Written by Oliver Samuels and Dennis Titus. Directed by Oliver Samuels

Co starring his sparring partner for years  Volier” Maffy” Johnson plus Dennis Titus, Lakeisha Ellison and Malessa Vassell.

Since Oliver came to the fore in the seventies with the hit TV series “Oliver at large” he has given decades of laughter to generation of fans all over the world in what has been an illustrious career Oliver continues to produce and stars in top Quality plays over the years and recently with his own productions such as “Who A Di Don”, “Frenemy”, this latest production is no exception. “Crazy but true” has taken the world by storm with sold out performances Canada, America and the Caribbean.

The production is now set to thrill the English fans and it his fitting that the United Kingdom will show their appreciate to crown and celebrate many years in theatre with the great legend the King of Comedy.

Oliver Samuels plays “Malvo” a mentally challenged gardener of this well to do family. He tries to manoeuvre his challenges while being ‘medicated’ by the lady of the house Maxine (Lakeisha Ellison) who has ulterior motives for marrying her wealthy husband Greg (Volier Johnson).

As she carries out her devious plans, she manipulates everyone including her husband’s driver (Dennis Titus). She vows to get her prize to live like a modern-day princess, by any means necessary. Despite setbacks by her strain relationship with her stepdaughter, Amelia (Melessa Vassell) and the challenges of pulling the mental strings of Malvo

The audience will keep guessing, gasping and laughing at every turn as the story unfolds and secrets are uncovered.
‘Crazy but True’ is a must see a true story, for the entire family which leaves the audience wondering ‘Can money buy sanity’?

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