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Back Babas Emmanuel or Emma as he is called was born infected with HIV. He doesn’t remember his parents as they died when he was a young boy. At the age of fifteen this terrible disease began to defeat him. Compassion a non-governmental organization stepped in to offer assistance. Paying for anti-retrovirals and his medical bills. In an effort to save his life. ©Vanessa Vick

The History of AIDS in Africa

There is now conclusive evidence that HIV originated in Africa. A 10-year study completed in 2005 found a…

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Lost Legends

Why is Black History Month important? Listen to Ben Browne, Pawlet Brookes, Bernard Francis, Philip Herbert, Louise Katerega,…

Black History Month


Southwark WED 31 JAN 2018


KATI KATI FILM SCREENING WED 31 JAN 2018 7PM, CLORE STUDIO, £5/£3 Michael Armitage selects Kati Kati, (2016)…

Tower Hamlets 8 February at 18:30–20:30

Love, Pain & Intimacy in Live Art

What drives artists to extreme performances, blood-shedding or endurance work? What traces are left on both the performer…